Our Services

Davey & Green Architecture Ltd offer all services required from initial concept and feasibility to conclusion on site.

Our architectural services are delivered in a clear and easy to understand menu based format so that you can obtain the right amount of professional help you require for your project.

Our extensive experience means we can extract the most from your budget and deliver a bespoke design that is completely personal to you.

We start this process with an initial visit in your home where your architect will produce hand drawn sketches to transform your thoughts into a creative, workable design. It may seem obvious, but figuring out your objectives before launching into your project fundamental to its success.


Including the above services, we offer:

Initial Visit

The visit is designed to be a personal interactive experience for the customer where we can demonstrate architectural design services through a process of hand sketching, portraying the various opportunities their project presents. This ensures that our customers are equipped with the reassurance that they have fully explored and understood all the possibilities of their home before they commit themselves to their building project.

Concept Design

After the initial visit there are still a variety of decisions to be made and drawings to be produced to demonstrate what the intentions for your project are. The more information you have, the more in control you are and by utilising the experience and knowledge of an Architect you will enhance the outcome of your renovation and ultimately optimise your investment.

We are experts in domestic architecture capable of producing properly considered plans and drawings, this way your scheme will be built as you intended both in terms of quality and budget.

Planning Or Permitted Development Application

We will advise you as to whether the work you want to do to your home will need permitted development or planning permission. We will draw up the necessary plans and gather together all the relevant information to ensure the application is both accurate and clear.

Building Regulations Approval

To ensure your project is built to current building standards you need to submit detailed drawings of the construction for approval. We can produce all the necessary drawings and liaise with other consultants, such as structural engineers, whose input is usually required to fulfil the regulations.

The Building regulations are a legal requirement.

Prices & Builders

The most expensive thing you can do when undertaking a building project is rush. If you want to get the most out of your budget you need to understand how the building costs add up. It is advisable to do this in advance of starting on site, so that if the builders quote is more than you expected, you have time to moderate your aspirations/ specification or vary the scope of the project.

Getting your Architect to produce pertinent detail drawings and a break down of the intended works is the best way to ensure you have control over your project and building costs and the quality of the end result.

Tenders & Contract

When you are undertaking an investment of a lifetime you want to make sure your money is being spent intelligently. The best way to safe-guard this is to get your architect to produce a detailed set of drawings and write a schedule of works which can be sent to your selected builders so you can get an accurate price.

The price along with the agreed contract period can then be written into a contract which your architect can oversee for you and to ensure the work is completed according to the plans, the timescale and price stipulated.

Davey + Green assisted with the planning and design of our barn conversion; we are delighted with the outcome

Duncan, Fransham

Davey + green assisted with the planning and design of our barn conversion; we are delighted with the outcome

Duncan, Fransham